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Real-Time Supply Chain Tracking and Documentation Visibility

LivTrax allows 24 x 7 x 365 visibility of customer’s freight and supply chain updates with accuracy and documentation. We create an “always on” freight visibility and operational outlet for carriers, shippers, brokers, suppliers, freight management companies and freight forwarders.

LivTrax enables customers, brokers, and other supply chain stakeholders to receive second by second shipment updates.


LivTrax – The first real-time supply chain tracking and documentation visibility solution.

The logistics industry, although a mature industry, lacks real-time freight tracking and visibility into shipments with the ability to see all updates and documentation. This creates a host of inefficiencies as it relates to stakeholders, particularly those requiring expedited shipments and an understanding of the location of critical product shipments. It is imperative with manufacturing especially, that products are available for casting or assembly line production. Customers, brokers, shippers, carriers, suppliers, freight forwarders and freight management companies rely on as much visibility as possible into their product shipments.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, LivTrax provides a clear vision of your shipments in real-time with MPH alerts, ETA for delivery, document scanning and email notifications. LivTrax cloud-based SaaS solution makes it simple to keep an eye on your shipments while receiving updates and shipping documentation such as the BOL and POD. See where your shipments are, how they are doing, when they are estimated to arrive, and the supporting documentation all in one convenient place. LivTrax makes it easy to follow and document your shipments.


Real-Time Load Visibility

See your shipment locations, statuses, routes, stops, ETA, traffic, and weather conditions.

Automated Updates

Get automatic email status notifications when important events happen with your shipments.

Reduce Check Calls

No more worrying about calling drivers to get updates. LivTrax makes it easier for you and the drivers.

Customer Status Visibility

Give your customers peace of mind by letting them follow their shipment’s progress.

Document Scanning

Quicker customer billing process with always available BOLs and PODs.

Interactive Freight View

Quickly view all your shipments in real-time. Easily understand which shipments are on time and which shipments are at risk for running late.

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